Good and bad move – countryside and puppy

So I recently moved to the countryside and have a little puppy. It was a difficult transition period with the puppy  but I think we are getting used to one another. It just takes time and where I thought it was a bad move it turns out it is actually a very good move. We are sleeping through the night and all is actually going well.

But with change and new beginnings comes loneliness at times. I feel lonely. My family haven’t even sent a card to congratulate me on how far I have come. It’s been a struggle for me but there is not one person from my family who has congratulated me. The only family that has acknowledged my achievements is my cousin and his parents. They have even FaceTimed me to say hi and say well done. I hold onto that. With everything I have I hold on to that.

My immediate family have never liked it when I have done well. They see it as a threat and are jealous if I do well financially. It makes me so sad. I lie here and cry a lot, I have nobody but my little puppy who loves me. I considered this week whether death was the only option, but nobody would probably know I was dead for about 6 months. It’s very sad. I’m in my early 30s and I have nobody. The guy I wanted to marry who I have been with for 7 years so cruelly told me he doesn’t want me. So the isolation is cutting and I know I have a responsibility to my little puppy but I often think that not being here will make everyone happy…

I have tried to make as many good moves as possible but it’s never enough for anyone in my life to acknowledge me and my achievements and it makes me so very sad. 


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