Bad move: pneumonia 

This bad move happened in January 2015, I decided and pushed for (relentlessly) going to India on a work trip. Having never been to India before I was excited and thought it was going to be great for my career…but something else was in store for me. 

Little did I know that whilst out there I obtained a rare strain of pneumonia, an ‘atypical’ strain. After many misdiagnosed trips to the the NHS and countless courses of antibiotics it came to light I had pneumonia. Usually when people say that you think of that phrase (well I do anyway) that ‘if you go outside like that you will catch pneumonia’. The thing is, no one really appreciates the severity of it and believe me it is nothing like a cold. After a chest X-ray and countless blood tests I found out the right lung, yes the entire side, was affected. To put it simply it was the worst time of my life. I couldn’t breath, I was in constant pain and I felt like my life was hanging over the cliff. I vowed to never take anything for granted again. The lack of family support was astonishing, yes no one really cared (but that’s my family- more on that later) I somehow, though I don’t actually to this day know how, got through it. But I slept for the entirety of 2015. 

My work as a consequence was affected and I didn’t work properly for 2 years. Only recently had I started feeling better in Feb 2017….But guess what, I have the same pneumonia again and whilst I think we caught it early (not by any help of the NHS who sent me away from A&E saying I was ‘low prioty’ even though I was coughin up blood!), it makes me wonder whether the universe is telling me something? I am lucky to have private health care and for that I am grateful, but I do wonder how many people are let down and sent away with having this very serious and rare strain of pneumonia? 

I don’t know why I got this, but I know it makes me think about how I want to spend my life. I suffer deeply from depression and at times it’s easy to give up, or want to. But there are 3 very dear people to me who I know are there (all the time) at the sidelines cheering me on and for that reason I won’t give up. Pneumonia changed my life, it gave me the biggest wake up call I could ever ask for so maybe it was a bad move, but in this instance maybe it has turned my life for the better?


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